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Solar radiation and photovoltaic electricity potential - UK, Europe and the World

The PVGIS map represent yearly sum of global irradiation on horizontal and optimally inclined surface, 10-years average of the period 1981-1990 [kWh/m2]. The same colour legend represents also potential solar electricity [kWh/kWp] generated by a 1 kWp system per year with photovoltaic modules mounted at an optimum inclination and assuming system performance ratio 0.75. More country maps here PVGIS European Communities, 2001-2008

Irradiance [W/m2]: The intensity of solar radiation hitting a surface, which is the sum of the contributions of all wavelengths within the spectrum, expressed in units of Watts per m2 of a surface.
uk irradiation

Irradiation map from PVGIS


europe irradiation

Horizontal irradiation map from SolarGIS


world irradiation

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