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Major Meteor Showers

Name Dates Approximate Peak Appearance
Quadrantids Early January 2-4 January Moderately bright, medium speed
Alpha Aurigids Early February 6-9 February up to 10 per hour expected and no moon helps
Virginids and Alpha Virginds - 10-13 April peak 12th
Lyrids Mid April to late April 21-23 April Fast and bright with some trains
Alpha Scorpiids late April 28th April sparse
Aquarids Mid April to late May 4-6 May Fast and bright with many trains
Eta Aquarids 5th May - peak - orbital association with Halley
Alpha Scorpiids - 13th May second maximum
Ophiucids - 10th and 20th June Double maximum
Aquarids (south) Mid July to mid-August 26-28 July Medium speed but faint
Perseids Mid July to late August 11-13 August Fast, bright, and colourful with many trains
Alpha Aurigids Late August to early September 31 August to 2 September Fast and bright
Piscids - 19th and 21st September Double maximum
Delta Aurigids Mid Sept to mid Oct 27-30 September Fast but faint
Piscids - 13th October Third maximum
Orionids Early October to early November 20-22 October Fast and sometimes bright with some trains
Taurids - 3rd and 13th Novemeber Double maximum
Leonids Mid November 16-18 November Very fast and very bright with most leaving trains
Alpha Monocerotids Mid November to late November 20-22 November Very fast with some quite bright
Geminids Mid December 13-15 December Average speed but very colourful
Ursids Mid December to late December 21-23 December Average speed and faint

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