Porth, Newquay, Cornwall. UK  Tell A Friend
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Updated17/12/2017 00:15 

Watch The Power Of The Sea

The videos are LARGE and depending on your connection will take awhile to load and play.

blow_hole5-1-2012Storm - 5/1/2012
Blow hole, size 8mb Fuji Finepix JV200
bridge5-1-2012Storm - 5/1/2012
Took from Porth island bridge
newquay14-12-2011Storm approaching - 14/12/2011
Filmed from Aldi carpark, size 11mb
katai bridge12-9-2011Remnants of Hurricane Katai - 12/9/11
Took from Porth island bridge, size 18mb
katai island12-9-2011Remnants of Hurricane Katai - 12/9/11
Other side of the bridge overlooking Whipsderry, size 17mb
katai porth12-9-2011Remnants of Hurricane Katai - 12/9/11
Porth beach from the headland 13mb

Sorry about the camera shake for katai video's but it was VERY windy, the storm tracked over Northern Island and Scotland.

All videos shot using HTC Desire mobile phone unless otherwise stated