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Updated17/10/2017 17:45 

Air Quality

Nearest Monitoring Site to Newquay

Saltash Callington Road - Weekly graph Notes
air quality Saltash - Callington Road Information

Environment Type: Urban Traffic

Continuously built-up urban area meaning complete (or at least highly predominant) building-up of the street front side by buildings with at least two floors or large detached buildings with at least two floors. With the exception of city parks, the built-up area is not mixed with non-urbanised areas. For the measurement of ozone, the urban area is defined as locations such as residential and commercial areas of cities, parks (away from the trees), big streets or squares with very little or no traffic, open areas characteristic of educational, sports or recreation facilities. Urban sites should measure air quality which is representative of a few km2.

More information here uk-air.defra.gov.uk/

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I'm looking into setting up some sort of air pollution monitoring