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Solar PV - Inverter Details

4-7-2013 New Inverter

  Old Inverter New Inverter
Date 4-2-2012 to 4-7-2013 4-7-2013 to --
Serial No. 716623 975268
Firmware Rel C.0.2.2 C.0.3.5

Original Inverter Data - Last reading before swap to new inverter

old inverter

Issues with Power One 3.6 OUTD

There was a widening gap between inverter and export generation, I have found that occasionly the inverter will start up with anything from a few watts intially last few months anything up to 20 + kw generation, this renders data false hence the growing gap between day,week, month, year, lifetime and export meter figures, also the week generation figure set for reset sunday, but some times resets to zero monday/tuesday. Finally the display blinks/vanishes for a second. These in no way affect the generation of solar energy. Power One agreed to replace inverter, later firmware release corrects these issues.

I made additions to the script to correct the false data until replacement.

The new inverter had the memory chip transferred to it so no data would be lost, however on start up the unit showed 95.149 kw for the day, week and month were also showing false data I had to correct these in the script to carry on from the old inverter, the day correct following day, week sunday the 7th july, month will be correct start of august and year start of 2014. Life time reading correct.

Start Up, new inverter as you can see day, week, month and year readings incorrect, slight error lifetime, corrected with additional scripting, the patches will be removed as the year progresses

1/8/2013 - Month patch removed, just the year one left

new inverter

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